The Tibetan nature


On the European conceptions about the behavior of a dog the typically “Tibetan nature” becomes based the Do Khyi in addition, all other Tibetan breeds as “difficult” defined. Primarily one understands by it a missing will for subordination or also easement, in addition, a special form about inaccessibility likewise for more “the Tibetans” frequently typical distrust all in relation to unknown quantities. Some of our fellow men interprets this behavior as uncertainty.

Tibetan Nomads with its Do Khyi, the apparently so calm dog becomes very fast active in the case of a threat                           

One must always be due oneself the perfectly different culture areas from which the conceptions over the nature of a dog in the memory to call.

Even one in Central Europe is noticeable that the subordination readiness is the most important demand in the use of the dog. The dog is “utility dog? for the hunt, the service, the agriculture. It was a constituent of the working life, never however was it in the passed centuries partner and friend of humans.
Shifts one in the living environment of the Tibetan people,   the landscapes and life-hostile forces of nature as well as the culture and to few decades ago existing community in addition, the religion in such a way arises for the viewer quite clear, quite different prerequisites to the behavior of a dog.

For humans in Tibet it would be to be punished inconceivable a dog physically to sell or to kill. For it the dog is an estimated partner with them the work as well as the life divides.

The request at the Do Khyi were clearly outlined in this thinly populated country. It had other to announce to prevent as well as the crossing of two and above all four-legged robbers into it the transferred areas. In the case of doubt on itself alone placed it was incumbent on to fall the dogs a decision like it them entrusted protects. Each native one knew around the functions of the dogs and this respected.
Usually were sufficient one to three Do Khyi for these functions completely. Holding of large packs of dogs was just as not possible in this surrounding field not usually, and thus was also not exchangeable good dogs. A good dog was valuable and possessed high reputation, protected it with the cattle the base of life, as well as the possession of its owner nevertheless.

 A Do Khyi, here Maxe of 8 Mon. is always a guard

Although the Tibetan people could be called a people of the commercial travellers, then dogs were merchandise also this are defining never for the adjustment to the dog - at no time one seized its.

This natural living together the mental independence of the Do Khyi, as well as its independence and he is nevertheless avowedly probably with " its " humans intimately connected, them affectionate opposite projecting spirit of them, gentle and loyal. Within its family it distinguishes by an imperturbable peace, never works themselves it hectically and remains playful in the high age: It is well into its group merged is noticeable that it told its opinions quite vocal and not only in the printout behavior. To refer to I experienced the ability by many most diverse tones on preferences, desires and displeasure so far with still none of my dogs

Explore all new one independently  !

Other one, the family opposite outstanding persons it is reserved, weighing and observing. It rejects privacies of other persons and would like by these in its personality to be noted, has for it an extraordinary feeling.
In addition, a pronounced curiosity behavior is the basis for it. All new impressions must be examined more near or taken at least in inspection. Pluck is appropriate for it far. All new one is   from its interest, he does not ignore his physical soundness, its strength begins he economically   - outstanding ones suspect hardly what a escape artist he are. In almost all actions it is calmly however nevertheless strong-willed.  It seems to near-happen always with consideration to all new one

Impressions collect at the frog pond - must be almost thought over each particular - need time!

Even this characteristic is laid out here to country often as distrust or as uncertainty, was however in the country of origin with fulfilling its functions survive necessary. What uses the best dog if it with the meeting with new one, unknown quantities equal comes around the life ?


                                                                          Marine biology investigations, Maxe of 9 months

He opposes his stoical peace to hectic, contradictory behavior of its owner, often also as stubbornness defined. Exactly this however would be the chance to be learned from its Tibetan nature something for the own life-style.

The nature courses those the Do Khyi to that make which it are indispensably connected with its origin and exactly what distinguishes this breed. We should not succumb to the temptation it to Europeanise.


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