DO Khyi`s today

After now almost twenty years, guided breed and attitude of many
Do Khyi in Europe are present secured realizations over this wonderful breed. But some remains also today still hidden secretly...


The nature, abilities, characteristics
Now the experience over the abilities and characteristics of the Do Khyi, all knowledge of the nature and of the requirements is secured with the attitude conditions results from this knowledge.

Under no circumstances the Do Khyi is a dog for “first dog owner” is suitable, it see straight as a puppy upsetting to snuggle up  however reliably it is suitable not as a dog only for snuggling and stroking. Its character is proverbial, it is independent in all its decisions and would like to be integrated as a complete family member into the hierarchy of its group of families. The target must be it that its decisions are also my decisions. Only with prudent consequence and without hardness he is educated to a wonderful dog nature, which automatically fulfilled its function in the family.

A Do Khyi is in its nature a herd protection dog, these dogs likewise in the herd protection dog project of Professor Ray Coppinger and worked completely. Likewise in accordance with and in accordance with its over centuries of lasting application in Tibet he is a yard guard and these functions he also assessment in accordance with will assume. These instincts will to light step in each case also today still in the course of its ripening.

apparently left - and nevertheless everything sees!

The Do Khyi is a calm, more left almost majestically seeming dog in all to its movements, which is gladly left and slowly-acting because of a strategically favourable workstation. In its environment so easily nothing escapes it nevertheless. An excellent vision apparently to the end of the horizon, an extremely good aural acuteness, as well as the best capability of its nose performance offers all sense performances to it around normal of not normal to differentiate. In case of emergency it is to be announced very fast from the quiescent position on the legs around not normal, for some is this speed above all because these comes obviously unexpectedly very much impressing.

Likewise surprisingly the ability of this nevertheless so large dog is to be moved perfectly noiseless. Sudden emerging, apparently from that anything, likewise unnoticed disappearing can impress again and again.

The Do Khyi needs the close linkage to its family, even if he seems to prefer frequently independently the stay in the free one e.g. in the garden quite independently of   the group. Under any circumstances this imposing, weather-insensitive dog for a kennel attitude is not suitable. The even close confidence, its nature would break under it. The possibility of a constant access to garden and in the house would be ideal.

Substantial constituent of its attitude is early and patient socialization beginning and a prudent. This dog must outside into the city, to other carefully selected dogs, to the trim you path in the forest, into the elevator, the course of evenly always “to people"

Not    " moving "  is with such walks the foreign exchange, but sees, understands, to know to learn. Important always it is that one is determined this with its Do Khyi in the future to do and in addition also bring along the necessary imperturbable peace, patience and time.

Socialization makes fun - and needs time

Play with old and young dogs

Handling utilizable cattle

The puppies- and young dog phase with the Do Khyi is generally different compared with other dog races and lasts rather for a long time, up to four years must the owner take into account around its dog introduce and train. Peculiar however for herd protection dogs usually:   the Tibet Mastiff learns this by watching and copying, requires an exactly considered “associate contact" also with other dogs.

On the other hand its own attraction, this results meanwhile imposing in such a way large dog has long time a young-dog mind and seems in puberty being to remain from this long ripe phase. How often even many dog owners have themselves your dog may in this delightful phase remain exact in such a way as it are required.

Almost phenomenal its memory and persons are which it meets forget it never. But likewise it will remember humans, which it has in bad mind. Contradictory behavior opposite a Do Khyi remembers lastingly and it this long to it to enter afterwards, inappropriate hardness however acknowledges it with inaccessibility and stubbornness. It is independently in the nature and as dog for everyone will never offer themselves.

The Do Khyi is not suitable for a career in the dog sport, under no circumstances should it in the protection service be trained, it has a naturally minted protection impulse of which must not be learned. On the other hand he has to quite learn joy in it something, he learns fast with rapid apprehension, if he does however something, then only for sake his reference person.

He speaks on positive reinforcement by praise is enough strongly on and often a bad tone in the voice as punishment. An unconditional obedience one will never obtain, dog owner which such will always require with a Do Khyi to become never correctly glad. To it somewhat once learned reliably executes requires it many consequence and reliably three to four months. The type of the execution must be entitled to it patiently. One will be able to never expect a typically German, jagged execution of instruction.

Nevertheless the Do Khyi for the interests in our surrounding field can be trained well and inserts themselves with circumspection and constant consequence its owner well into its family.

Everywhere with it!

Meeting on the way - no problem!

Large joy prepares Mobility (a type of obstacle run for it, similarly as Agility, but not on measured time). A training for its mobility and its self-confident its is it naturally given defeating of obstacles of all kinds, as a mountain dog always concerns it such functions with circumspection and consideration.

The largest joy however I believe, can one to the Do Khyi prepare by “ travel tours like the nomads " with tent and gas cooker, this would be probably exactly the life for which he is made. Evenly this preference differentiates it from the other flock guard dog breeds. Its territory is always, where its reference person establishes itself.

Exactly this characteristic however explains the large responsibility that some future Do Khyi - Owner must to be ready take over: 

The linkage this dog to be received is ready will be always intensively related to these few persons and should thoughtlessly never be resolved by humans!

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