Che po Tendrel Sangpo, alias Maxe

Actually I am called correctly Tendrel Sangpo Che po. My Christian name is expressed Tschö po (“che” means in the origin Tibetan language the confession faith, “po” means all of the manly) and is called in Tibet as guardian of the faith (therefore dawdle I also mostly behind my boss ago to watch about that she don’t leave the right way). On some days my boss calls me also so, there I know that her temper is correctly best and I come immediately.

But all friends me know call me maxe, that are such a Bavarian regent to have been.

  On 24 November 1998 I got the first time deeply to air.

....................  but always in sequence, then everything more began:

Lhotse of Tanggula Shan 
my father, up to now I have him still
not personally sighted 


Bayantira Along called Queeny
my nut/mother -   eight weeks she look after me in addition, today still if I  meets her, she says me how to go long.


Thus the two must probably have met in September 1998 somehow.

The result am I and still 6 Tibetan natures.

There my world was still correct always with my brothers and sisters at that milk bar

. ... no concerns, none " however" nevertheless " always " COME and NOOO  under supervision of the strict Tibet Spaniel aunts from the kennel Tendrel Sangpo with Mrs. Schottroff
20 January 99 began for me already so stupidly, first I in-pinched my foreface in the garden door themselves, then I had therefore go to the veterinary and then………

there this woman came pulled out and carried me forward easily from all, well... there was also an aunt named Alice. Reliably I knew the woman twice her us had already, visited, but nevertheless, already again………

I am to be probably lifelong under the regiment of women? !

One is sure ! I NEVER give up my emancipation movement !

And I was curious nevertheless,
it should begin a quite new life now, full adventures!

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