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Why a dog needs at all a genealogical table, somehow works that always feudalism as in the Middle Ages, then some may think. This with a direct breed regarding the race health and vitality is not as important knows usually only the breeders, under any circumstances serves it for it over for a puppy a higher sales value to obtain.
Why the Pedigree is important points a review to the starts of the pedigree dog bred:
- many dog races developed for the conceptions of the appearance and nature appropriate dogs used in the breed from few. Even one at rare races is often this the case, in addition, e.g. after the two world wars the breed with the few survivors race copies had quite again to be structured often again. Some race was before becoming extinct and from few breed animals was kept short. Many dog races are a cultural heritage of humans and also for this reason to be actually kept worth. Without leading a breed book and the genealogical table for each animal, resulting from it, the breed would equal a play like roulette, after from the document an exact knowledge of the distorting shank degrees comes out and so that inbreeding can be avoided or to close in-breeding.
Unfortunately to transact operated in addition, " with" genealogical tables or so-called papers by unfair “salesmen” of dogs a type of fraud, after these add to the puppy of papers those the sales value " of the dog " to prove seem to pay thereby the buyer are ready more in the faith a good purchase. Thus " papers " for the puppy are thus printed easily or bought with " a super ordinate "association. Important a breed book which is behind the genealogical table always is with an old-established federation. The guarantee with the dog on all international CACIB exhibitions go later be in gable and to regularly breed is only with an entry of the genealogical table with the FCI, in Germany still accompanying with the VDH given.

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