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Attention dog trade

The first dog - the decision is certain, as however comes one now correctly 
" On the dog "?

At the beginning the information should always be, as well as the question, as are my living conditions. How will these and my possibilities develop in the following ten years?
To it - at these expectations the selection of the type of dog and the breed should orient itself!
It is surprisingly with which dog types some "First-dog-owner” expects a lucky living together to practice to be able.
- high spirited hunting dog-mix for the family with three children
- a carriage dog for the fully employed married couple.

There are many combinations with which certain problems from beginning on is marked. On the distance then usually the dog remains!

Only with clarity over expectations, which dog fits best into the own surrounding field, the surely extensive information work comes over different dog races, which becomes made easy by very good technical literature nevertheless again. 
Everyone with the question concerns itself: I would like to recommend here two books before decision making to dog:

Eberhard Trumlers " counsellor for that
Dog friend ", who clearly everything
questions globally answer and it
to become clear it leaves that a dog can again and again be meant the same responsibility as a further member in the family and a counsellor even if the new fellow tenant already for a long time in the house is.

ISBN 3-492-02712-1   Piper publishing house TB

Heiko Gebhard & Gert Haucke    " the thing with the dog " - 100 breeds a critically look under the coat - the descriptions of breeds are not only interesting, but above all the remarks before the race customer should be absolutely read. Many questions and notes to the life with the dog, which one should answer oneself!
ISBN   3-453-15401-0 Heyne publishing house TB

Then if the selection is certain despite the reading still, the most important step comes::
       The selection of the correct breeder!
Forget the various advertisements in the daily papers, above all those, which more than two dog breeds offer. The risk a dog dealer is excessive probably-files commodity to decrease! Problems with the in such a way acquired Doggie are usually pre-programmed.
Surely one dies the smaller risk, turns one to the puppy switching centres  of the special breed clubs within the VDH/FCI.

Always importantly the previous should take in the breed no more than 3 bitches in inspection the puppies, in addition of wich are dogs, the locally with the breeder living persons. At the behavior and attitude of the dogs one can exactly see whether a selection from this throw  a good selection will be.
Openly and freely opposite the breeder and other humans the dogs should be all. The access in the house of the breeder naturally. Likewise the dogs should make a maintained and healthy impression.
The good breeder will inquire also with the future owner of dog about all possible things of his surrounding field and its dog conceptions. This is its good right - finally he delivers the dog natures loved coined/shaped by him and only into a good and suitable surrounding field. It knows all about " its " breed, clears you up in preliminary talks globally over coat maintenance expenditure and other typical breed-characteristics.
One should accept it also that perhaps one must wait for" a suitable " puppy.
  - a good breeder " does not produce " on store keeping! Thus one should worry in time about its new family member. Thus not today the resolution seize and tomorrow a puppy buy: All of this is considered, a time by four weeks after the transfer of the small one for acclimatizing planned, technical literature over the type-fair education rolled and a puppy play hour (8 - 14 weeks!!!)found, then can actually go nothing more inclined.

Stop!   Somewhat still in the end.  The new fellow tenant - even if it a " dog " be will, should always with the family together may live. A life in the garden without access in the house or the safe-keeping in the kennel is animal protection relevant and not type fair. Who for living together with the dog it is not completely and ready the question should arise whether it for the life with the dog is at all not suitable!!!

Attention   dog trade!

There is dealer, those concerns with dogs.
That is then however no trade, but a criminal activity, which is legally not entered for not reasons which can be understood!

Utterance of Gert Haucke
- author and dog lover,
that nothing more to be added must!


Incomprehensibly - however already 1978 appeared after a series of the pictorial " STERN " the book" you poor dog " after extensive search the practice of the dog trade were criticised here. Until today the legislator undertook nothing. Also today one still practices the criticised profitable business, only evenly now still more professionally and  still the at that time many uninformed, future, proud dog lovers supports this " trade " by the purchase of a dog. One should further critically regard also the activities of the IRJGV.

But how one detects now the dog Mafia??
For informed one actually quite simply -   

Sign for mass breed   and dog trade 

- the kennel offers than two, together related races over advertisements more.
  the more races to be offered, the more badly.

- usual " modern " dog breeds are offered at present.

- the breed dogs, like the puppies do not have an admission in the house, live only in the dog kennel or on one not to the house belonging property.

- the puppies are offered without the nut/mother dogs" supermarket dogs"

- evade the nut/mother, like the puppies " to the breeder ".

- are frightful and reserved the dogs, are recognizably careless, make
  an ill impression.

- puppies without papers are offered to you for a favourable price.

- the breeder would like you to a purchase decision urge.

- there is more than three dogs with throws, in the breeding, there.

More information about dog trade??

Kennel of Ammerreuth info. in accordance with. STERN No.40/1996

Dog dealer and mass breeder in the Internet


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