Why a DO Khyi?




-   this question was asked to me again and again by many.
A dog that surely no Dummy from the water to retrieve, balls afterwards hunt and for it a leg peels itself off!

Why should it be absolutely a Do Khyi?

Began all 1973 with Bella, our half-breed dog, which did not educate in the age of four years transferred, not yet room clean and our whole abilities required:


We were to be delivered so far this dog again!


1974 fell me a book by Eberhard Trumler into the hands and I learned with the needs of a dog type-fairly to deal. From now on nature research became my hobby and an author is also today still one of my large models.
Bella lived together still 12 lucky years with us.

The trip for the desire for a Do Khyi was Dux 

an extra large German shepherd dog perfectly no characteristic of the breed in the behavior. 
For each race connoisseur " a sleeping pill "without over-powerful hive-rubbed however with innate not learned protection impulse, with high threshold of sensation, with serve-finished " submission " and nevertheless well to never steer with patience and consequence.
Its type, its relation to us, in particular its bond of trust to me and its nature were the reason that I had trained myself into the cynology from the starts to today, (its type had a setback on passed land impacts to be) 
always with the target this dog, for me is appropriate to find.

A dog with calm, certain open and safe nature with appropriate courage and natural protection impulse should be it. The race should a reasonable size (around 70 cm.) have with simultaneous, absolute mobility. Nowhere covers or exaggerated and strong, evenly healthy in the construction.

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In the meantime lived with us in the family temporary Assi,12 puppies and from this Alf and Alice. All together shepherd dogs which we ourselves after behavior-fair yardsticks coined/shaped, socialized and for the performance sport with the dog trained.

A-throw from the fishery, on the left of above Alice, grey.6males 6 bitches 10 black & tan 2 grey

  - finally I wanted nevertheless to know whether the realizations of the Ethologysts also in practice to be transferred am  -   they are it and above all such freely performances of our dogs always and at any time without forceful training to be transferred had.

Now I believed to be so far around it dare, 
living together with a Do Khyi
  an original dog nature with a Tibetan character.

Che po Tendrel Sangpo, 8 weeks

.... Che po alias Maxe came in such a way 1999   thus, it can begin my adventure dog!

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