AWARDS for Maxes homepage

Hello Ruth and Maxe!

Yes, you CAN GET Tess award! Unfortunately I didn't and-purchased word on for a your Web PAGE, since I
don't German and-arose. I more never give out on award if I don't and-purchased the text, but into your case
I'm going to make at exception! I think that it's great that you've written in such a way much about the
Tibetan Mastiff, it's unusual breed and it on needs to of GET more attention. Thus if I even can't
the text, people in Germany and-purchased wants and the knowledge about the breed wants reach them!
That's what most important! A little tip is that you translate the PAGE about Maxe, it would 
nice to READ some more about him! -)

Best Regards
Linda & Tess

Hello. Even your homepage we visited and were absolutely inspired of it.
The page has everything that one can require it is very informatively in addition, funny.
Cannot have been few work, too implement for the successful 
Layout, which would like prima navigation and that cleanly investigating contents 
we with the Bouffi Award thank you.

Love of greetings from Vreden in the cathedral country transmit

Birgit & Tom

Your homepage is very informatively, had beautiful pictures and also that
maintenance value does not come too briefly. Particularly funny we find Maxes
stories, in addition, the detailed description of race of the DO Khyi
pleases us much. Further your Design is appealing. It is simply, 
but colored well one on the other coordinated, exactly like we like it!
Also navigation and the loading times are okay.
Which we miss however are that somewhat few to humans, with those
Maxe lives together, is told! Otherwise, makes further in such a way with your mad
Page and have much fun with our Award!

Many dear greetings
Karin & DJ Destiny


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